Weekly Wrap-Up - 10.11.14

After a week off, I’m back with your recap (which you can get via email!) of the great stuff I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you this week.

I’ll briefly recap the posts from last week as well, because there were no slouches in the batch!

So, last week, Cathrin Hagey explored the long tradition of the ‘wood wife’ in fairy tales and Salena Casha reviewed Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Shades of Milk…

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S1/ E4: “Who, Pt. 2”

S1/ E4: “Who, Pt. 2” Chloe N. Clark’s continuing exploration into fandoms. #academia #fandoms

Last monthI talked about a series of interviews I’d done with a group of people who identify as fans / belonging to fandoms. The two questions I focused on last time were: Why do you consider yourself a fan? And: What do you feel like you get out of belonging to a fandom? This month, I’ll move on to the final three questions that I asked my Fan Sample (that seems like some kind of box of…

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Spotlight On: The Eye of Odin

Rebecca Buchanan shines a Spotlight On: The Eye of Odin by Dennis Staginnus


Title: The Eye of Odin

Publisher: Stag’s Head Books

Author: Dennis Staginnus

Recently, I have discovered the pleasures of free ebooks. Don’t worry, I’m careful. I hate pirate sites and I really, really do not understand people who download illegal ebooks. Yes, that is theft. There’s no justification for it.

To be on the safe side, I stick to (relatively) reliable sites like Barnes and Noble,…

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Author Interview: “Writing New Adult Fiction” (Deborah Halverson)

Author Interview: “Writing New Adult Fiction” (Deborah Halverson) #newadult

WNAF cover_smallI’m truly thrilled to be presenting an author interview with author/editor Deborah Halverson. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a number of workshops presented by Deborah and she’s one of the best, most dedicated editors in the business. She also really knows the children’s writing field and has branched out into teaching us about how to write new adult fiction in her new release, Writing New…

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Sisterhood is powerful in “Family Matters”

Sisterhood is powerful in “Family Matters”, a review by Katherine Thomlinson

In this latest collection of short stories by members of the New York Tri-State Sisters in Crime, editor Anita Page—whose story “Their Little Secret” anchors the antho—has assembled 20 tales from veterans and newbies alike, tying them together thematically with Tolstoy’s famous line about all “unhappy families being unhappy in their own way.”

Each story distills the bitter essence of sick secrets…

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Is Planning Creative?

Carol Holland March asks “Is Planning Creative?”

Writers often self-select themselves into one of two categories:  plotters or pantsers. If you haven’t run across those terms, they refer to the amount of planning the writer does before beginning a project.

Some writers can’t start until they know how a story will end and all the plot points they will cover. Pantsers are horrified at the thought of outlining and start writing with only a vague…

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