Hardware, Software, and “Magic”: Women in IT

We just posted Part 2 of Sara Amis’s interview: “Hardware, Software, & ‘Magic’: Women in IT” #womenintech

This is Part 2 of an interview with my sister Cathy Amis Griffith who worked for Burroughs Business Machines in the 1970s.  Part 1, “Tooting Your Own Horn From Alabama in the Middle of the Night,” can be found here.

I’ve been reading about women in the IT industry industry and what you might call “geek circles” who express an opinion in public and get a huge vicious backlash. Do you think that…

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Filling Your Well

In “Filling Your Well”, Sandra Wickham reminds writers to pause and refresh.

While wrestling with rewrites for my very first novel (which is now safely tucked away for no one to see, but was an excellent experience) I felt like giving up. I’d lost all motivation, I didn’t want to work on it anymore, and most of all, I’d lost all faith in myself as a writer.

I emailed my friend and mentor Diana Rowland, author of the Kara Gillian Demon series and White Trash Zombie series.…

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Book Review: “Night Road” (A.M. Jenkins)

night roadWhen is a vampire story not a vampire story?

When it’s an “on the road” coming of age story that simply happens to feature vampires as the main characters.

In Night Road, A.M. Jenkinsturns the vampire genre on its head by writing a close-knit character piece focusing on three vampires – two relatively old (and that’s in vampire years) and one relatively new, even though they all look pretty much…

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How I Started to Write

In “How I Started to Write” Judith Field’s writing career has a 37 year delay before taking flight.

leolaptop2Everyone’s a critic…

If you read my last post, you’ll know that my father was a writer. He used to work part time at his day job and write for the rest of the working week. At lunchtime he’d read that morning’s output to my mother. I used to sit under the table, bored out of my skull until I’d get thrown out for making noises. I hasten to add that this was when I was too young for school,…

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Weekly Wrap-Up - 8.17.14

Weekly Wrap-Up – 8.17.14

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Here’s a wrap up of our posts from last week. Great stuff to read on a Sunday afternoon. :)

The week started off with Elizabeth Sharp McKetta giving us some tips on “Freewriting“.

Kristen Julia Anderson talked about her experience as a new D&D player in “Dungeons and Dragons and Dames“.

KC Maguire interviewed A M Dellamonica about books past, present, and…

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5 Steps to Writing Horror

5 Steps to Writing Horror by Icy Sedgwick #horror #writing

So last month we talked about the three ‘umbrella’ terms for horror – Visceral, Psychological, and Supernatural. Remember that a horror story can encompass one or more of those areas and still be horror.

But how do you go about writing a horror story? This post is essentially for those of you who have never written a horror story, or wanted to and weren’t sure where to start. If you have written…

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A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place. Katherine Tomlinson talks Nordic Noir.

Use all your senses when you’re writing, we’re told—your sense of touch and sight, and hearing, and smell, and taste. That’s good advice and I’ve tried to take it to heart. One of the first writers who truly made an impact on me in terms of writing style was Tanith Lee whose gorgeous, sensual prose I admire greatly.

My mother was a painter and Lee’s way with words reminds me of the way my mother…

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Review: “The Golem and the Jinni” by Helene Wecker


Hello Lovelies!

This month, our first female-authored fantasy novel is up for review: Helene Wecker’s The Golem and The Jinni. I’ve strolled past this novel innumerable times in my travels through Barnes & Nobles and finally convinced myself to take a peek. As the title suggest, we find ourselves wrapped in a fantasy (similar to 1,001 Arabian Nights) set in Victorian Era New York City. That…

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