A Note on “literature” From Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian

A Note on “literature” From Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian #books #reading

Excuse me, may I have a rant? Well, regardless of your answer, I am going to take one, anyway.

Since roughly around, oh, Sophocles’ time, people have been complaining that “kids today,” don’t have an appreciation for the classics. That education is slacking off. That students are coming out of school with less knowledge, and are less literate and well-read than previous generations.


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Good news abounds!

Good news abounds! Danielle Perry gets promoted!

This is the first of a few upcoming posts delivering exciting news from the LSQ editorial team. Yay!

I’d like to announce that Danielle Perry is now a full Assistant Editor!

Danielle has been Editorial Assistant for some time now and is invaluable helping out with Twitter and Facebook and the rest. She also helps proofread the issue before it gets into your hot little hands and always catches…

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Chelsea Hodson and Measuring Literary Success

Chelsea Hodson and Measuring Literary Success by Miller Bradford

What first pulled me into the writing of Chelsea Hodson was her piece Reading Seneca 2,000 Years Later: A Book Report in the Form of the Scientific Method, which is exactly that, a book report, revived by Hodson’s entrancing, minimalist style. In it, Hodson reflects on an experience she had with another writer and her own ego, which, of course, interested my ego, writing,

“I read an article about…

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Book Review: Black Apples - 18 New Fairytales, edited by Camilla Bruce & Liv Lingborn

Black Apples

Fans and practitioners of the fairy-tale form: you cannot afford to miss this collection of new stories written by accomplished writers from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. From straightforward retellings of classic fairy tales to delightfully meta-fictive examinations of the genre itself, this anthology will find a wide audience–and maybe even pull in those who thought they left fairy…

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Weekly Wrap-Up - 8.24.14

Weekly Wrap-Up - 8.24.14 #womenintech #fantasy #writing #poetry #bookreviews

Time for another weekly wrap-up. This week really flew by for me, how about you?

If you’re looking for something to read today, I have a few recommendations.

Judith Field takes us on her unique personal writing journey with “How I Started to Write“.

KC Maguire gives us a review of A.M. Jenkins’s “Night Road“, which gives me hope for the future of vampire stories.

In “Filling Your Well“, Sandra…

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Fantasy Expanded

"Fantasy Expanded", Gabrielle Lissauer continues her series on the Flesh and Bones of Fantasy stories.

Now that fantasy itself has been defined some other definitions might be useful. These definitions, once again, are purely personal and purely done for personal reasons and to create a common language and vocabulary. The first thing is the different kinds of fantasy. These are the subgenres of the over-reaching fantasy umbrella. Often times it is a sliding scale and at the edges things can blur…

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Poet & photographer Tara Lindsey takes us “Poemstalking”


I’ve been writing five lines a day since last August. In four day’s time, as you read this, the year-and-a-day project will be complete. To say that I have been utterly transformed / transmuted by this intentional, magickal act would be an understatement.

On the surface, writing five lines a day doesn’t sound like much. But writing five lines of verse, which you hope will breathe and dance and…

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