Please welcome Issue 019 to the stage!

Please welcome Issue 019 to the stage! #freefiction #reading #shortstories

Hello dear readers and thanks for joining me as I hit the launch button on the penultimate issue of year 5. I’d like to keep this brief so you can get to reading. That’s why you’re here after all, right?

This issue has a wonderful mix of mythic fairy tales alongside some very interesting sci-fi encounters. You can read them all right here.

I will start you off by suggesting our first featured…

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Weekly Wrap-Up - 8.30.14

For those of you in the States, hope you’re having a lovely Labor Day weekend! For everyone else, Happy Saturday!

I’m just dropping in to give you all something to read while you’re winding down from your busy week.

We started off this week with Jan Stinchcomb’s review of the intriguing new fairy tale anthology, “Black Apples“.

Next, Miller Bradford gave us some insights into the writing of “Chel…

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To Sequel or Not to Sequel? Pet Peeves About Prolonging the Story

To Sequel or Not to Sequel? Pet Peeves About Prolonging the Story by KC Maguire

to be continuedI attended a presentation recently about writing sequels and series which was incredibly interesting, particularly as it plays into a pet peeve of mine – the tendency to write pointless numbers of books in a series when the author clearly has little more to say about the characters. A good author should know when a story is done and should ideally not be tempted by market or money to keep going…

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The Merry [Wo]man’s Guide to Writing Female Characters

The Merry [Wo]man’s Guide to Writing Female Characters, Maid Marion checks in.

Hello, Internet. My name’s Marion Hood – perhaps more popularly known as “Maid Marian”, except I don’t use that spelling and I’m quite consummately married – and I’ve been most graciously asked by Danielle E. Shipley (a.k.a. my author, notwithstanding that it may be another year or two before the Outlaws of Avalonseries she’s written me into hits the market) to tackle a writing topic she’s seen…

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A Note on “literature” From Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian

A Note on “literature” From Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian #books #reading

Excuse me, may I have a rant? Well, regardless of your answer, I am going to take one, anyway.

Since roughly around, oh, Sophocles’ time, people have been complaining that “kids today,” don’t have an appreciation for the classics. That education is slacking off. That students are coming out of school with less knowledge, and are less literate and well-read than previous generations.


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Good news abounds!

Good news abounds! Danielle Perry gets promoted!

This is the first of a few upcoming posts delivering exciting news from the LSQ editorial team. Yay!

I’d like to announce that Danielle Perry is now a full Assistant Editor!

Danielle has been Editorial Assistant for some time now and is invaluable helping out with Twitter and Facebook and the rest. She also helps proofread the issue before it gets into your hot little hands and always catches…

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Chelsea Hodson and Measuring Literary Success

Chelsea Hodson and Measuring Literary Success by Miller Bradford

What first pulled me into the writing of Chelsea Hodson was her piece Reading Seneca 2,000 Years Later: A Book Report in the Form of the Scientific Method, which is exactly that, a book report, revived by Hodson’s entrancing, minimalist style. In it, Hodson reflects on an experience she had with another writer and her own ego, which, of course, interested my ego, writing,

“I read an article about…

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